The Church of the Creator

“Rev.” Ben Klassen, founder of the Jewish anti-Christ Church of the Creator a supposed White Nationalist organization, and “Rev.” Matt Hale, Ben Klassens’ successor to the Church of the Creator. It should be noted that Matt Hale Changes the name of the organization from Church of the Creator to the World Church of the Creator, when he elected Pontifex Maximus.

This is NOT meant to be a history of the Church of the Creator/World Church of the Creator or of it’s founder and leaders Ben Klassen and Matt Hale.

Ben Klassen founded the Church of the Creator in 1973, with the publishing of his anti-Christ screed Nature’s Eternal Religion. The organization grew quite rapidly among the more gutter level racists and atheistic anti-Christs. And in 1982 this old anti-Christ Jew bastard published his next “holy book” the blasphemously titled book the White Man’s Bible. In these two books Klassen laid down one of the most virulent anti-Christ programs that is only equaled by the Jewish Talmuds hatred of Jesus Christ. 

One should ask themselves why this man and supposed Aryan, Klassen would write and publish two books that insult the majority of White folks God, YHVH-Christ. What made him do something like this? Oddly enough, this scumbag was at one time a self-professing Christian? What happened? I have an idea and so do many others.  We believe this man was a Jewish plant or an outright Jew that was bankrolled to destroy the White Nationalist movement in this country. I am other Christians are of that Ben Klassen was indeed a Racial Jew, and this is why he hated our beloved saviour so much. He hated Christ because he knew he was of the serpent seed, a child of the devil, and could never be anything else other than a demon in human form.

In the middle 80’s and early 90’s the COTC went on a recruiting drive among young whites especially those within the so-called Skinhead movement.  As the 80’s turned into the 90’s the COTC was linked to all kinds of crimes especially murders and hate-crimes against niggers and other muds. Not that we are going to concern ourselves or cry over a couple dead niggers or muds. Then in early 90’s the COTC was sued in court over a hate-crime that was linked to them, the COTC would eventually lose it’s compound in North Carolina, and Ben Klassen would kill himself by taking a bottle of sleeping pills, because he either couldn’t handle the stress of his wife dying or that his satanic church had fallen. Who knows? Oddly enough, Klassen promoted suicide among white people who were in despair or no longer felt that there was a meaning to  life, or life was worth living at all. Suicide? Convincing white people to kill themselves, when they were down low, sounds like something a demonic Jew would promote.

Matt Hale took over the Church of the Creator when he was elected as the Pontifex Maximus, he promptly changed the name of  his satanic “church” to World Church of The Creator. Under his direction the WCOTC grew and recruited among disaffected youth and the Skinhead movement, spreading the same gutter level racist, anti-Christ, and Christian hating propaganda. This would go on for several years until Matt Hale was arrested by ZOG for supposedly conspiring to murder a federal judge. He was eventually convicted and sentenced to 40 years in a federal maximum security prison or a Supermax.

Now the COTC/WCOTC calls itself The Creativity Movement (they lost a court battle over the name of Church Of The Creator, so they can NO longer use that name), it’s programs are very limited, and they have maybe 10-20 full-time dedicated activists, with maybe another 40 people on mailing lists, if that. It’s safe to say the the Creativity movement for all practical purposes is dead and will NEVER come back.

As Christians, and members of the Body Politic of Jesus Anointed we are glad that his satanic organization is no functioning. 

Ben Klassen is burning in hell for being a deceiver, and Matt Hale will go there too once he dies. We can only hope, that he is not long for this world and can join his mentor in the lake of fire.


This is for supposed Identity Pastors/Teachers that call Matt Hale a friend.

How can you as an Aryan Christian support and befriend an satanic mongrel-minded anti-Christ like Matt Hale? Why would you and how could you embrace and befriend this scumbag? If you’re best buds with this anti-Christ then we are going to assume that you support his demonic views and are in league with Satan and the Jews. You’re no more a christian than a nigger is a christian.

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